Saturday, December 26, 2020

Weapons of Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a Lebanese militia that is sponsored mainly by Iran and Syria. Hezbollah has a massive weapons arsenal that Israel is incredibly threatened by. Israel is so cautious about Hezbollah that it will rarely strike its fighters, but rather strike weapons shipments inside Syria. This article will examine Hezbollah's very capable arsenal.

Hezbollah's MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) are quite modern. They operate large numbers of Igla MANPADS. It was recently revealed that Hezbollah operates the Verba MANPADS, Russia's most advanced MANPADS. Both systems, especially the Verba, are resistant to countermeasures such as flares. The Verba has a flight ceiling of 15,000 feet.

The Igla.

The Verba.

Hezbollah's ATGM arsenal is even more impressive. They operate the Kornet, Malyutka, Konkurs, Toophan, and Saeghe. This is one of Hezbollah's biggest deterrents.

The Toophan is an Iranian copy of the US BGM-71 TOW ATGM. It has several variants.

A Toophan in Syria with a Hezbollah fighter.

A Toophan on the border with Israel.

Toophans mounted to ATVs during a parade. SPG-9s are mounted on the front two ATVs.

The Kornet is a Russian made ATGM, the Iranians make a copy called Dehlavieh. Both are operated by Hezbollah.

Kornet ATGM with fire finding radar.

Kornet on an ATV.

Kornets on ATVs.

The aftermath of kornet strikes on IDF vehicles in 2015.

Hezbollah also operates the Saeghe ATGM. This is an Iranian copy of the US M-47 Dragon ATGM. They are seen here on the backs of Hezbollah fighters during a parade.

Hezbollah operates the Russian Konkurs and Metis-M ATGMs. Seen here during a parade. The Konkurs are mounted to ATVs and Metis-M teams.

Hezbollah is an unconventional militia in that it operates tanks and armored vehicles. This was most clearly displayed in a parade in Quasyr, Syria in 2016.

Here a DIY self propelled gun and a T-72AV and T-55 tanks.

M-113s mounted with ZPU-2s and T-55 tanks.

Armored vehicles including a couple of ZSU-57-2s.

BMP-1s and T-55s.

A Hezbollah T-55.

Hezbollah's biggest deterrent to Israel is its rocket arsenal. It is believed that Hezbollah has over 100,000 unguided rockets ready to fire into Israel. It is also believed to have guided ballistic missiles supplied by Iran. They also operate anti-ship Missiles.

Multiple rocket launcher.

Multiple rocket launcher in Lebanon ready to fire on Israel.

A Parade of Multiple rocket launchers.

Rocket launcher hidden in dense brush.

Iran supplied Hezbollah with dozens to hundreds of Fateh-110 guided ballistic missiles, seen here on a TEL in Iran. These can hit targets accurately throughout a large portion of Israel. 

Since the last war with Israel in 2006, Hezbollah has grown in strength. It has gained combat experience during the Syrian Civil War and weapons continue to flow into Lebanon from Iran and Syria. It is highly probable that Israel would get quite a black eye in another war against the Lebanese militia that has become more of an army.

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