Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FSA and Jabhat Al-Nusra Collaboration

Jabhat Al-Nusra is the Syrian wing of Al-Qaeda. It is the lead group of the "Jaish Fetah" (Army of Conquest) coalition along with several other hardline groups. The Free Syrian Army is not technically a part of this coalition, but it works alongside them unofficially. Jaish Fetah is the group responsible for the capture of the Idlib governate in mid-2015. The coalition would not have been able to capture the Idlib governate had it not been for the Free Syrian Army's fire support using TOW anti-tank missiles.  The TOWs were supplied by the CIA "train and equip" program as well as Arab gulf states. In spite of open use of TOW missiles to aid radical jihadists, the FSA continues to receive TOW missiles.

Now the Jaish Fetah coalition is trying to capture Aleppo. It has been successful in capturing the towns of Al-Eis and Khan Touman already. Once again the FSA is aiding the jihadists with TOW missile strikes on Syrian Army tanks and positions. It is openly working alongside Nusra and other radical factions.

Photos from the Khan Touman battle:

Jabhat Al Nusra T-72 Ural tanks and BMP-1s advance on Khan Touman.
FSA media film Nusra armored column

FSA TOW strikes on Syrian Army positions around Khan Touman

FSA 13th Division, a group that supposedly had a problem with Nusra, fighting for them regardless.
This TOW missile resulted in the destruction of a T-90 tank, one of only 6 stationed in Aleppo.

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