Friday, May 13, 2016

Syrian Air Force Mi-25

The Mi-25 is the export version of the Russian Mi-24 hind attack helicopter. It has been used by the Syrian Air Force (SyAAF) throughout the war, though its role has changed. In the early days of the war it was used for its intended purpose of close air support, as the war continued it began seeing use more as a bomber. The helicopter flies high and drops up to 4 FAB bombs mounted on the pylons. The bombs are actually a domestically produced copy of "FAB" series bombs, and are commonly known as "barrel bombs." The helicopter has probably been turned into a bomber because flying higher as a bomber is less risky than flying low for close air support, though the Mi-25 has suffered relatively few losses in the conflict. When they are rarely used for close air support, it seems to only be to defend the airbases where they are stationed. Based on sat imagery, about 20 Mi-25s should be in service.

The Mi-25's most frequent targets are the rebel held Damascus suburbs and the North Homs rebel pocket, though they have been seen dropping bombs on rebel and ISIS positions across the war torn country. With fighting raging on, and plenty of Mi-25 helicopters still serviceable, we will be seeing a lot more of them.

                               SyAAF Mi-25 on the ground:


Mi-25 in flight near Seen Air base.

Mi-25 flying over North Homs prior to dropping bombs:

Dropping a single bomb, North Homs:

ISIS film an Mi-25 bombing their positions, Hama:

Mi-25s bombing East Ghouta Damascus suburbs: 

Bombing Darayya, Damascus suburb:


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  2. Not bad however please note that:

    FAB is ФАБ which stands for Фугасные авиабомба that is in English a high explosive (demolition) aviation bomb. These are factory made Soviet / Russian aerial bombs. In contrast the so called barrel bombs are improvised bombs. Namely as the very name suggests they are usually made from barrels but also gas cylinders and such.

    Also keep in mind that the Mi 24 / 25 combat helicopters were right from the start designed with a bombing capability in mind.