Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Islamic State Lost Armor

The following is a compilation of known ISIS armored vehicle losses to the SAA.

Deir Ezzor: Deir Ezzor has been under ISIS siege since mid 2015. ISIS has been trying to take the city and its airbase since 2014. During this time it has lost countless men and several armored vehicles. Several tanks and BMPs have been claimed hit by SAA ATGMs, but most of these reports do not come with video/photo evidence. Here are the known tank/BMP losses from Deir Ezzor:

1. Tank hit by airstrike, 2015:

2. T-55 captured, 2014:

3. BMP abandoned, early 2016:

4. BMP captured, early 2016:

5. T-55 destroyed by ATGM, May 2016:

East Homs. ISIS took much of Eastern Homs during the summer of 2015, seizing many tanks along the way. During Early 2016 the SAA reversed much of these gains, destroying or capturing several tanks.

1. Destroyed/captured T-62:

2. Captured T-62:

3. Captured T-62:

4. BMP-1 AMB-S hit by airstrike:

Kweres Airbase. Kweres airbase was under siege for years. During that time many ATGM hits were claimed against ISIS tanks and BMPs. 3 Armored vehicles were captured from ISIS during the siege, summer 2015.

1. T-72 with slat armor

2. Captured T-55 with slat armor:

3. Captured BMP-1 with slat armor:

East Aleppo offensive. The SAA launched a major offensive in Early 2016 to lift the siege of Kweres airbase and to capture much of the East Aleppo countryside. The offensive was highly successful in its goals, and it resulted in many losses for the Islamic State.

1. T-72M1 destroyed:

2. T-72AV captured:

3. T-62 with slat armor captured:

4. T-55 Destroyed:

5. Technical with BMP-1 turret captured:

6. BMP-1 captured:

7. BMP-1 destroyed:

Khanaser highway Aleppo, February 2016. ISIS briefly took the highway and cut Aleppo's only supply route. It was recaptured within a couple of weeks.

1. Destroyed BMP-1:

2. Destroyed T-72:

Kafir Saghir, Aleppo. In March ISIS briefly captured this town, but were forced to withdraw the next day, leaving behind two armored vehicles.

1. Destroyed/captured T-55:

2. Captured ZSU-23-4 Shilka:

Qalamoun. Brief ISIS offensive near Dumyer airbase resulted in a BMP-1 loss.